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Anorgasmia / Inorgasmia / Preorgasmia / Orgasm Problems and Hypnotherapy

The terms, anorgasmia, in-orgasmia and pre-orgasmia all refer to difficulties in achieving an orgasm when having sex.

It may have a number of varying causes e.g. anxiety which can cause inhibition of an orgasm.

Anticipatory anxiety can result in self-consciousness, detachment and “orgasm watching” which inhibit actually getting to the point of experiencing an orgasm.

Lack of assertiveness, fear of loss of control, fear of rejection, ignorance of sexual physiology/processes, negative fantasies about orgasm and unrealistic expectations have all proven possible varying causes of the problem.

Stress, tiredness, pressure of time, distractions, fear of interruption, and fear of pregnancy can also contribute to the problem.

Negative attitudes towards sex or difficulties in the relationship with the sexual partner can also potentially play a part

A thorough assessment is essential to determine the factors which are affecting you in order to devise a programme of hypnotherapy tailored to your individual needs.

Assessment for Hypnotherapy for Anorgasmia / Inorgasmia / Preorgasmia / Orgasm Problems

Assessment for Hypnotherapy for Anorgasmia / Inorgasmia / Preorgasmia / Orgasm Problems

Identify thought patterns that may be causing sexual performance anxiety.
Consideration of the dynamics between yourself and your sexual partner.

Identify any background psychological factors such as stress, anxiety or significant life changes that may be having an impact on sexual performance.

An assessment may include some of the following:

  • Identify the onset of problems relating to orgasm and possible origins in past event(s).
  • Identify any specific triggers that prompt problems in gaining an orgasm.
  • Identify positive experiences that which can be used beneficially within hypnotherapy.
  • Consider any relevant beliefs, perceptions, expectations and feelings that may be affecting orgasm.

Consider practical strategies appropriate to you personally which can help you to relax which hypnotherapy can strengthen.

Programme of Hypnotherapy for Anorgasmia / Inorgasmia / Preorgasmia / Orgasm Problems

Depending upon the above we will then agree a programme of hypnotherapy to help you to achieve freedom and calm. This could include:

o Re-frame any past event(s), if relevant.
o Hypnosis and learning of self-hypnosis to aid relaxation of vaginal muscles.
o Address any negative beliefs, perceptions and feelings that are relevant to achieving an orgasm.
o use of hypnosis to enhance sensitivity of vagina and clitoris in order to heighten pleasure during sexual intercourse.
o Reduce any feelings of anxiety or insecurity and boost feelings of confidence.
o Use of visualization and direct / indirect suggestion to facilitate immersion in the experience of sexual intercourse and the natural process of having an orgasm.
o Address/reframe issues in the relationship with the sexual partner, where relevant.
o Replace fearful/anxious thoughts and emotions with calming/relaxing/confident ones.
o Re frame any negative beliefs or unrealistic expectations where relevant.

If you wish during one of the sessions we will make a recording on CD to complement the live hypnotherapy session. This will be tailored to your needs and can then be used in your own home to reinforce the work we have done in the “live sessions”. This has generally been found to be the best way to produce audio recordings that will be effective.

The number of sessions required is likely to be four or more depending upon the degree of complexity involved.

Female clients may want to consider if they feel comfortable working with a male therapist or if they would prefer a female therapist.

The most important thing, however, is to feel comfortable and that you have a rapport with your therapist, whatever their gender.

You are very welcome to spend some time talking to me on the phone or to come for 30 mins consultation in order to decide if you feel we could work together effectively.

In the case of female clients I always require that a partner or relative / friend with whom the person is comfortable should be present at all sessions. If it is possible for the sexual partner to be present this can be beneficial as they can be involved in aspects of the therapy. The latter is also true for male clients.